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About the Honors College

Counseling Services at Special Support Services The UNCG Honors Program began in 1947, when UNCG was still the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, and initially had six students. In 1962, Chancellor Otis Singletary took a vestigial program and, with a grant from the Ford Foundation, instituted an Honors Program to provide incentive to 100 students. Ten years later, the Program had grown to 200 Honors students, who completed Honors courses and wrote a senior thesis. UNCG went co-ed in 1963, and the Honors Program continued under a series of directors until 2006, when it became Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC), with approximately 900 students doing International Honors, Disciplinary Honors, or both.

International Honors Students choose from a variety of Honors Seminars and Honors sections of regular courses, become conversant in a foreign language, and study abroad for at least one semester. The emphasis of LIHC is on small classes where bright students and committed faculty pursue subjects more deeply than is often possible in regular classes. Students benefit from lots of class discussion, engagement with primary sources, increased consideration of global issues, and enhanced awareness of the connections among various disciplines.

The LIHC in Foust In addition to Honors classes, LIHC offers opportunities for students and faculty to interact outside the classroom in events such as the weekly "Food for Thought," where lunch is provided and conversation flows. In the spring there is an Honors Symposium, where panels of select Honors students present academic papers with comments from a faculty respondent and open discussion. Through its classes, extra-curricular activities, and advising, LIHC gives bright, motivated students a unique academic experience. Professors teaching Honors courses have the opportunity to create new courses and implement innovative approaches to teaching.

LIHC also provides advising and support for students applying for national scholarships, such as the Fulbright, Goldwater, Udall, Truman, and British Marshall. In the past ten years, UNCG students have won a Goldwater Scholarship, 13 Fulbright Scholarships, the Gates-Cambridge Fellowship, and Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship over the last 14 years.