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International Honors

Lloyd International Honors College is a community of motivated, inquisitive students and faculty, where students benefit from a liberal arts curriculum while studying in a larger research university setting. Honors students pursue all majors at UNCG, and take uniquely themed Honors seminars that are taught by engaging faculty. Honors classes are capped at 25, which allows for collaborative, discussion-based teaching and learning.

The International Honors Program is geared towards motivated, high-achieving incoming first-year students and current UNCG students who have completed fewer than 30 hours, pursuing all majors. New first-year students take a 1-credit Honors Colloquium, which introduces them to the Honors experience and to UNCG, and a 3-credit 100-level Honors First-Year Seminar. (Current students substitute a 200-level seminar for the 100-level seminar.) In order to complete the requirements of the program, by graduation, students need to complete three additional 200-level International Honors seminars, achieve proficiency (the 204 level) of a second language, and study abroad, typically for a semester at one of UNCG's 100+ exchange partner institutions. Honors students in good standing receive a travel scholarship, currently $1,300, which helps offset the cost of plane fare. The International Honors Program is very flexible, and teaches students to think and read critically, to craft clear arguments, and to find their place in an increasingly interdependent world.

Disciplinary Honors

Once you begin taking courses in your major field, you can enroll in the Disciplinary Honors Program. Program requirements vary by academic department, but in general, you complete special coursework in your major field of study and have the option of studying overseas. You also undertake a Senior Honors Project – typically a major research paper, project, or performance. To be eligible to enroll in this program you must have a UNCG GPA of at least 3.30.

Full University Honors

Students who successfully complete the requirements of both the International Honors Program and Disciplinary Honors Programs are awarded Full University Honors upon graduation. This award constitutes the University's highest academic honor.

Pedagogy and Leadership Development

The Lloyd International Honors College is a national pioneer in using performance and improvisation in higher education and the broader community to help foster learning and development. Our commitment to excellence in education incorporates these innovative and effective pedagogical approaches in the humanities, arts, and sciences with regard to research, service learning, and community engagement. To this end, we are looking to develop students as service-oriented, creative, and globally-minded leaders in their respective fields of study who are eager to grow, learn, and serve humanity.

Articulation Agreement with Durham Technical Community College
and Southwest Community College

Students who graduate from the Honors Program at Durham Technical Community College (Durham, NC) or Southwestern Community College (Sylva, NC) with an Associates in Arts (AA) or Science (AS) degree will be recognized towards the completion of Full University Honors at UNCG with the completion of an approved International Experience, proficiency (204-level or higher) in a foreign language, and completion of Disciplinary Honors requirements for the major. To be eligible, the student must transfer a minimum of 12 hours of honors course credit with a grade of A or B in each course, have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, and be accepted in the UNCG honors college through the UNCG admissions process.