International Honors Admissions

First-Year Student Admissions

First-Year students applying to admission to UNCG for fall entry may also apply to the International Honors Program (link). Featuring small, liberal-arts based courses and focusing on building an intercultural worldview, this program is ideal for the curious and adventurous student looking to grow in an outstanding developmental environment.


Admission to The Honors College's International Honors Program is competitive and by application only. In order to be eligible to apply, incoming freshman applicants must have:

  • a minimum 1200 Math + Verbal SAT score (if taken before March 2016) or a 1280 composite SAT score (if taken after March 2016), OR
  • a 27 ACT score, OR
  • a 3.8 (weighted) high school GPA.

Additional factors play an important part in the consideration process, and attention will be paid to evidence of leadership, service, co-curricular activities, and creative endeavors.

The Application Process

Eligible applicants to UNCG (those that meet one of the required criteria described above) will be directed to the Honors College Supplemental Application through their SpartanLink account. Full admission into Lloyd International Honors College is a two-step process involving submission of the Honors College Supplementary Application as well as admission to the University by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Acceptance to the University prior to submitting your Honors application is not a requirement, though you are strongly encouraged to submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before uploading your Honors application materials.

You may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (336) 334-5243 or visit their website at admissions.uncg.edu.

The Honors College Supplemental Application

The Honors College Supplemental Application consists of the following items:

  • An essay (500 words) answering this question: A cornerstone of the International Honors Program in Lloyd International Honors College is the required International Experience, in which you live and study outside the United States in a culture different from your own. In order to help the admissions committee get to know you better, please write a 500-word essay: how will a semester of study abroad contribute to your educational and intellectual growth at UNCG and to your long-term personal and professional goals?
  • A résumé.

We encourage you to think creatively as you answer the essay. You might write a letter to your future self about what to expect from diving into another culture, analyze a potential study abroad country in terms of a pressing global problem that interests you, write a diary entry from 50 years in the future about what mattered to you most when experiencing another culture during your college years. These are just suggestions. What successful essays have in common is that they provide us a sense of who you are, your academic plans, and how you might contribute to the Honors environment at UNCG. Your essay should be carefully proofread and uploaded as a document that is formatted like a printed essay: double-spaced, with your name and a title.

Similarly, applicants are encouraged to provide a detailed, well-supported résumé including evidence of leadership, service, co-curricular activities, and creative endeavors. Thoughtful and thorough preparation will have a considerable impact on application consideration.

Application Timeline for Fall 2017 International Honors Program

Applications to the International Honors Program for Fall 2017 will not be accepted after Friday, May 12.

Admission into Honors is selective and is based on holistic review of an applicant's complete dossier, which includes the high school academic record provided in the UNCG application as well as the Honors College Supplemental Application, which consists of the required essay and resume.

Priority Deadline

If you wish to be considered for both merit-based scholarships and acceptance into the International Honors Program, you must complete your UNCG application and the Honors College Supplemental Application by December 1, 2016.

The University awards Blue and Gold Scholarships, which are merit-based scholarships. Please see here for further important deadlines and information.

The Honors College awards the prestigious Katherine Smith Reynolds Scholarship, which is made possible by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation of Winston-Salem for North Carolina residents. Reynolds Scholars receive four years of generous funding and are eligible to receive stipends for community service involvement, participation in an internship, and study abroad. Up to eight new Reynolds Scholars will be selected.

By completing the UNCG application and the Honors College Supplemental Application by December 1, 2016, you will be considered for both the Blue and Gold Scholarships and the Katherine Smith Reynolds Scholarship.


Regular Deadline

The regular deadline for Honors College applications has been extended to Tuesday, January 17, 2017.


Rolling Admissions

Applications received after January 17, 2017 will be reviewed on a rolling and space-available basis.


Notification Timeline:

Students whose applications are received by December 1, 2017 will receive notification of a decision by January 31, 2017. Students whose applications are received by January 17, 2017 can expect a decision by March 1, 2017. Applications received after January 3 will be reviewed and decisions mailed after March 1. We expect to have our incoming class complete by May 5, 2017.

Petitioning for Admission to the Honors College

Petitioning Policy: If you are an incoming first-year student who does not meet one or more of the criteria for admission, but believe you belong in the Honors College, you may petition for admission. Petitions are evaluated by the Dean. Your petition should include a cover letter of no more than two typed, double-spaced pages. Remember to include your name and UNCG student ID number at the top of the page. In the essay, tell us a bit about yourself, in particular your interest in living and studying abroad in a culture different from your own. Explain why you believe that you would succeed in the Honors Program despite not meeting at this time the Honors College criteria (ACT, SAT, or high school weighted GPA). Please illustrate your statement with examples of your high school achievements, including classes, activities and part-time work, where relevant. Feel free to include other information you think would be helpful to the Dean in evaluating your petition.

A Note about Honors Housing

Read here to learn about your Honors housing options. Spaces for first-year students will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We therefore encourage you to apply for housing early. Please see the Housing and Residence Life website for application procedures.