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Honors Student-Designed Interdisciplinary Program

For students admitted to Lloyd International Honors College and with a proven record of academic achievement, the SDIP, UNCG's new student-designed interdisciplinary program, offers a challenging yet versatile approach to earning your undergraduate degree. Students pursuing the SDIP will be given priority consideration for scholarships administered by the Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Honors Priority Registration

All Honors College students have the benefit of registering prior to non-Honors students of similar academic rank (by credit hours). After the first semester, the priority registration system provides access to classes starting with Honors seniors and moving down to Honors first-year students before all non-Honors students. In addition, 100-level Honors classes have been held for our incoming International Honors freshman class. Seats will be released proportionally by the number of Honors students attending each orientation.


Graduating Honors students are recognized at the annual Honors Banquet, which takes place every spring. An Honors student's official University transcript includes a mark of merit and, for those who have completed Disciplinary Honors, the title of his or her Senior Honors Thesis. This official recognition grants students a competitive edge in applying for graduate or professional school and signals to prospective employers the graduate's interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills.


The Honors Residence Hall is an environment that allows students to integrate their academic and social life, and in doing so challenges and supports them as they grow as scholars, citizens, and human beings.

International Experience

The cornerstone of Lloyd International Honors College's International Honors program is an international experience, which empowers you to better understand yourself and others through a comparison of cultural values and ways of life. That's why an international experience is required for Honors students in the International Honors Program and is highly recommended for other Honors students.


Please note: most forms require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

Gray Hall Honors Fellows

Gray Hall Honors Fellows help to create a vibrant honors residential community by creating and implementing peer-led programs for their fellow residents. Their programs address the Lloyd International Honors College mission of helping students to acculturate a life of the mind, become active in the design and pursuit of their own education, and become globally aware and engaged. They represent the best qualities of a Lloyd International Honors student in their attitudes, habits, integrity, and enthusiasm.

Each Honors Fellow chooses to focus on one area:

  • Civic engagement and service learning
  • Disciplinary Honors and undergraduate research in the arts and humanities
  • Disciplinary Honors and undergraduate research in the social sciences and business
  • Disciplinary Honors and undergraduate research in the physical sciences and health professions
  • Professional and academic development

Gray Hall Honors Fellows must reside in Gray Hall. If you are interested in becoming an Honors Fellow for the 2015-2016 academic year, please download this application description and the application form. Applications are due to Dr. Muich via email at rmmuich@uncg.edu by midnight on Sunday, April 12.

If you have questions about Gray Hall Honors Fellow, please contact Dr. Muich at rmmuich@uncg.edu.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors ambassadors assist with both on- and off-campus recruiting events. They help by hosting overnight visitors, sitting on Honors College panels, taking prospective students to classes, telephoning and writing Honors College invitees, visiting high schools, and meeting with prospective students and their families at special programs on- and off-campus. Any freshman, sophomore or junior honors student may apply to be an ambassador.

Ambassadors are selected based on their application and an interview with current honors ambassadors. Final selections are made by Ms. Julie Cline and a committee made up of current Ambassadors. If you are interested in applying to be an Honors Ambassador, please contact Ms. Cline at hss_grad@uncg.edu.

Download the Honors Ambassadors Application (*PDF)

Office of Leadership and Service Learning

The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning (OLSL) at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro serves as a catalyst for the development of experiential curricular and co-curricular leadership and service-learning initiatives. Through civic engagement, community partner collaboration, and personal reflection, we prepare students for a life of active citizenship. OLSL assists students in developing a personal philosophy of leadership while gaining valuable and diverse experiences, empowering them to effect positive change and serve as citizen-leaders in a global community.

Office of Leadership and Service-Learning Website: http://olsl.uncg.edu/

The Honors OWLs Program

The Honors OWLs Program is the Lloyd International Honors College's official mentoring program for incoming Honors students. The OWLs assist incoming students in their transition to UNCG and the Honors College. They also assist the Honors College with Honors Orientation and move-in to the Honors Residence Halls. The OWLs represent and foster the sense of community among all Honors students no matter if they are in International, Disciplinary or Full Honors.

If you are interested in applying to be an OWL, please fill out the application form.
If you have any additional questions, please contact Dr. Bolte at akbolte@uncg.edu.

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