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Advising and Registration


The mission of Academic Advising at UNCG is to engage students in making informed decisions regarding their educational, career, and life goals. The Honors College has three full-time advisers available to Honors students to ensure they have a strong plan to complete Honors requirements and to help students match long-term, life goals to present classes and activities. The Honors Advisers are available at any time during the academic year and can help with Honors and non-Honors related questions. During the advising and registration periods during each semester, all students are encouraged to visit with an Honors Adviser but freshmen are required to do so.

Good Standing Policy

Good standing in the Honors College is defined as the achievement of a prescribed minimum grade point average (GPA) or higher upon the student's completion of a specified number of semester hours at UNCG. To be in good standing in the Honors College a student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 after completion of 15 semester hours, 3.15 after 30 semester hours, and 3.3 after 45 semester hours. An honors student who is not in good standing may be subject to suspension or administrative removal from the Honors College. A student under suspension may continue to take honors courses but must achieve a semester GPA of 3.3 or higher in the semester following suspension in order to avoid possible administrative removal from the College at that time. A student living in the Honors residence hall and found to be not in good standing at the end of spring semester may be removed from the hall and reassigned to another hall by Housing and Residence Life for the following fall semester.

Course Types

HSS 198 – Honors Colloquium is a one-hour credit course offered both fall and spring semesters for new International Honors students. This course is required for all International Honors students during their first semester in Honors.

100-Level Honors courses are offered during the fall semester for new freshmen to UNCG and the Honors College. These courses cover both Honors credits and General Education Credits (GEC) for the university. International Honors students should take one 100-level Honors course.

200-Level Honors courses are offered fall and spring semesters for second-semester freshmen to seniors. These courses cover both Honors credits and General Education Credits (GEC) for the university.

Departmental Honors courses are often offered to all Honors students. These courses are listed with a departmental prefix and carry the HSS (Honors) marker. Departmental Honors courses may satisfy General Education Credits but may not. Some courses are open only to students in the major.

These courses meet in lecture with a larger non-Honors course but have a minimum of 15 hours of additional contact hours with the professor for further explorations of the material. It has a different syllabus and may have different texts, other readings, and assignments than the non-Honors course.

Honors contract courses are completed at the 300-level or higher within a student's major and apply only towards Disciplinary Honors. Be sure to talk with the Honors Liaison for the department and the Honors Adviser to ensure the appropriate guidelines are followed.

Honors independent studies are typically taken as HSS 330 but may have another course prefix and number. Independent studies apply only to Disciplinary Honors and may range between 1-3 credit hours. Students identify and work directly with a faculty member in the major department (or one approved by the Honors Liaison from the major).

Honors Course Schedule

Here is the Honors Course Schedule for Spring 2017. This schedule is informational only and does not include HSS 299 or XXX 493 courses (Independent Studies in the various majors).

Please note: the course schedule requires the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

PDF: Spring 2017 Honors Courses

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