Advising and Registration

Dragon advising students Advisers in the Honors College are available as a secondary adviser to Honors students. The advisers are available to discuss requirements and policies of the Honors College, course selection, registration, major selection, as well as any other topics students may want advice on. To prepare for a registration appointment with an adviser, you should have some courses already selected and an idea of which requirements will be met.

Important Documents

Honors Coursebook - Fall 2017 (*PDF)
Honors Student Handbook (*PDF)

Please note: PDFs require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

Contact Information

Julie Boyer | j_boyer@uncg.edu | (336) 334-4449

Maria Hayden | m_hayden@uncg.edu | (336) 334-4490

Chris Kirkman | cjkirkman@uncg.edu | (336) 334-9772

Tiera Moore | tcmoore@uncg.edu | (336) 256-2017

Helpful Links:

Bulletin - uncg.smartcatalogiq.com/en/2016-2017/Undergraduate-Bulletin
Registrar's Office - reg.uncg.edu/
Course Booklet - (need PDF)
Student Handbook - (need PDF)
International Programs Center - www.uncg.edu/ipg/
Student’s First Office - studentsfirst.uncg.edu/
Student Success Center - success.uncg.edu/
Career Services Center - csc.uncg.edu/
Honors Forms - honorscollege.uncg.edu/forms/
Starfish - studentsfirst.uncg.edu/starfish/students.php
Honors Program Requirements - INTERNATIONAL | DISCIPLINARY