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The Honors Halls offer an environment that allows students to integrate their academic and social life, and in doing so challenges and supports them as they grow as scholars, citizens, and human beings.

The Honors Residence Hall at North Spencer is an extraordinary renovated space for Honors students who wish to live on campus. Nearly 200 Honors students are housed here in large rooms that each have a sink and are air-conditioned. The Hall has a classroom equipped with global teleconferencing technology, a large parlor for visiting with other students that also hosts Honors events and activities, a computer lab (with free printing), and offices for Honors College staff, including an on-site Honors advisor. North Spencer Residence Hall is centrally located on campus, next to the Jackson Library and the dining hall.

Gray Hall opened in Fall 2013 and joined North Spencer hall as dedicated living space for Lloyd International Honors College students. Honors students living in Gray Hall have a full-time, on-site adviser to counsel them on their academic plans. This newly renovated residence hall offers suite-style living with a maximum of four persons sharing a bathroom. Honors students with sophomore-through-senior standing are encouraged to live in either North Spencer or Gray Hall, depending on their needs and interests.

When Honors Housing is full, students living in other residence halls on campus may place themselves on the Honors Housing Wait List for any openings in Honors Housing that may arise throughout the academic year.

Honors Housing - North Spencer and Gray Hall

Eligibility for Fall 2014:

In order to be eligible for residence in Gray Hall, a rising sophomore, at the time of application, is required to possess a 3.0 GPA or higher and a junior or senior will be required to possess, at time of application, a 3.30 GPA or higher. In addition, the applicant must either:

  1. Have enrolled in the Disciplinary Honors Program by Dec. 1, 2013 and have taken at least one Disciplinary Honors course in 2013-14
  2. Have successfully completed in fall 2013 or have underway in spring 2014 a requirement of the International Honors Program, including Honors coursework, study abroad, or language study. In order to count towards Honors, the student must receive a grade of "B" (3.0) or better. For students seeking to count a spring course towards eligibility, a final grade below a "B" (3.0) may nullify the student's application.

In addition, applicants applying under (1) must sign a contract by which they commit to:

  • Diligently pursue Disciplinary Honors with the intention of completing the program

Applicants applying under (2) must sign a contract by which they commit to:

  • Enroll in at least one course during each year they reside in the hall towards the fulfillment of International Honors
    Or, once the student has completed all requirements for the International Honors Program:
  • Enroll in the Disciplinary Honors Program and work towards completion of the program
  • Actively engage in a leadership role in LIHC or the University, or have been recognized for academic excellence at UNCG. Verification must be provided by the student.
    Such Leadership roles include but are not limited to:
    Honors Student Leader for Gray Hall; Honors Ambassador; Honors Colloquium Student Reflection Leader; Honors OWL; Undergraduate Research Assistantship Awardee; Student Excellence Award Recipient; OLSL medallion pursuer (bronze, silver, or gold); OLSL Intern; Americorps Intern; SGA member; Multicultural Affairs; Departmental Club leadership position
  • Or, commit to participating in 15 hours of Honors-sponsored co-curricular programming and activities over the course of each semester, for a total of 30 hours per academic year.

Click here to download a copy of the Gray Hall contract (*PDF).

Honors students seeking space in either North Spencer or Gray Hall will rank their preference and, all other eligibility criteria being met, will be chosen with attention paid to the following points:

  1. Balance of incoming first-year to upper-class students in North Spencer
  2. Availability of male or female spaces in either hall

Students seeking to reside with a roommate should know that:

  1. Both roommates must meet the eligibility criteria for the hall
  2. Both roommates must apply and be chosen

Applying for Honors Housing

For current Honors students interested in living in the Honors Residence Halls (North Spencer/Gray) during the 2014-15 academic year, please note the following:

  1. You will need to fill out a UNCG housing application, including making the $200 prepayment. The application for current students will be open online mid-January to early February.
  2. You will also need to fill out a short online interest form specifically for the Honors College. You can find that here. Complete this form as soon as possible to receive priority for space in Honors Housing.
  3. We will make assignments based on a number of factors. Students who currently live in North Spencer, who sign up early on the Honors interest form, and those who are returning from study abroad will be given priority. (Students currently in the Hall will need to have taken at least one Honors course in the 2013-14 academic year and remained in good standing.)

For incoming Honors students who have been admitted for Fall 2014 and who are interested in living in the Honors Residence Hall (North Spencer):

  1. You will need to fill out a UNCG housing application, including making the $200 prepayment. The application for new students will be open online from mid-February to early May.
  2. When you fill out the UNCG housing application, make sure to list your first residence choice as Lloyd International Honors.
  3. We will make assignments based on availability, and students who apply for housing earlier rather than later will be given priority.

For more information about housing at UNCG, see the Housing and Residence Life web site.