Lloyd International Honors College

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Information for Prospective Honors Students

Honors College Advantages

Lloyd International Honors College is a community of motivated, inquisitive students and faculty, where students benefit from a liberal arts curriculum while studying in a larger research university setting. Honors students pursue all majors at UNCG, and take uniquely themed Honors seminars that are taught by engaging faculty. Honors classes are capped at 25, which allows for collaborative, discussion-based teaching and learning.

The International Honors Program is geared towards motivated, high-achieving incoming first-year students and current UNCG students who have completed fewer than 30 hours, pursuing all majors. New first-year students take a 1-credit Honors Colloquium, which introduces them to the Honors experience and to UNCG, and a 3-credit 100-level Honors First-Year Seminar. (Current students substitute a 200-level seminar for the 100-level seminar.) In order to complete the requirements of the program, by graduation, students need to complete three additional 200-level International Honors seminars, achieve proficiency (the 204 level) of a second language, and study abroad, typically for a semester at one of UNCG's 100+ exchange partner institutions. Honors students in good standing receive a travel scholarship, currently $1,300, which helps offset the cost of plane fare. The International Honors Program is very flexible, and teaches students to think and read critically, to craft clear arguments, and to find their place in an increasingly interdependent world.

Honors Courses

Great courses are the foundation of the Lloyd International Honors College. Because Honors students often have unique research interests, Honors courses don't come in a "one-size-fits-all" format. You will typically be in a class with fewer than 25 students, so that you, your classmates, and your professor can actively engage in the learning process.

Download the Fall 2012 Coursebook Here - PDF File

A Sense of Community

Honors students Honors students are encouraged to get involved, get interested, and get to know each other. To that end, LIHC sponsors a number of activities and events for the Honors community throughout the academic year. Every Wednesday at noon, students and faculty gather for "Food for Thought"- conversation about the burning issues of the day enhanced by a light lunch. At the annual Raft Debate, students and faculty cast their votes for the faculty member who most persuasively argues why the survival of his or her field of study is most important to the future of humankind. Honors students are also invited to participate in the annual Common Reading Project. For students in Lloyd International Honors College, there's always something interesting to do.

Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities

Honors students have a number of opportunities for engaging in research and creative activities both in and out of the classroom.

The annual Undergraduate Honors Symposium offers outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to participate in an academic conference with concurrent sessions. Each student will present a ten-minute paper, after which a faculty respondent will offer commentary. The Honors Symposium Prize is awarded for the most outstanding paper submitted to the Symposium.

Priority Registration

Students in Honors may register 24 hours before other students in their class.

The International Experience

The cornerstone of Lloyd International Honors College's International Honors program is an international experience, which empowers you to better understand yourself and others through a comparison of cultural values and ways of life. That's why an international experience is required for Honors students in the International Honors Program and is highly recommended for other Honors students.

Honors Residence Hall

The Honors Residence Hall is an environment that allows students to integrate their academic and social life, and in doing so challenges and supports them as they grow as scholars, citizens, and human beings.


Graduating Honors students are recognized at the annual Honors Banquet, which takes place every spring. An Honors student's official University transcript includes a mark of merit and, for those who have completed Disciplinary Honors, the title of his or her Senior Honors Thesis. This official recognition grants students a competitive edge in applying for graduate or professional school and signals to prospective employers the graduate's interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills.