Honors Ambassador Profiles

Olivia HewettName: Olivia Hewett

Hometown: Mebane, NC

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry and History

Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Honors Program: International

What’s your favorite thing about being an honors student?:
My favorite thing about being an Honors student was my study abroad experience. I went to Spain for the summer of 2017. I had the chance to complete my language requirements while staying with a host family and exploring Madrid. My professors took us on weekend trips to experience Spain’s national monuments. I also had the chance to travel to Italy myself. This experience helped me develop both as a student and a person.

What’s your favorite thing about Greensboro?:
My favorite thing about Greensboro is Maxie B’s. It’s a great bakery not too far from campus and I’m slightly addicted. My favorite thing to get there is the carrot cake. I like to go there after a stressful day of classes and relax with a slice of cake.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?:
If I could travel anywhere, I would travel back to Spain. I would like to bring my family along with me, so I can show them everything I experienced. I would also like to visit my host family again. I want the chance to revisit the places that I enjoyed so much and explore new ones.

My advice for prospective Honors students is:
Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. UNCG has a lot of great resources in place to help its students. You just have to look for them. Don’t be too frightened to approach your professors with questions or too proud to sign up for tutoring. Admitting you don’t understand isn’t a weakness, it’s the first step to improving your performance in the course.