Honors Ambassador Profiles

SarahName: Sarah

Hometown: Hillsborough, NC

Major: Political Science and Sociology

Minor: American Sign Language

Graduation Year: Spring 2021

Honors Program: Disciplinary

What’s your favorite thing about being an honors student?:
The best part of being an honors student is the special relationships you are able to make with faculty and staff. Through creating course contracts, planning an honors project, and taking smaller honors general education classes, honors students have an opportunity to establish invaluable connections with professors.

What’s your favorite thing about Greensboro?:
Similarly to the university itself, my favorite part of Greensboro is the diversity. There is always some new cultural fair or festival to engage in on the weekends. From folk fest, to Greensboro LGTBQ pride, to the Greek orthodox festival Greensboro is rich with cultural diversity and loads of opportunites to expose yourself to new cultures. You can grow and gain a globalized perspective in Greensboro, without ever leaving the city, and that is something worth celebrating.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?:
The next place on my travel bucket list is Tokyo! I want to go someplace where western influence isn't as prominant, and I think Tokyo would be a fun way to explore a culture unlike anything I've ever seen before.

My advice for prospective Honors students is:
I would encourage folks considering the honors college to explore classes, clubs, or major programs outside of there immediate interests. I think college is the best time to explore and learn about yourself, and through honors you have a fantastic opportunity to take classes that may cover a topic you have little to no experience with, my advice is go for those classes, you never know what you might end up loving.