Honors Ambassador Profiles

SophiaName: Sophia

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Major: Psychology


Graduation Year: Fall 2021

Honors Program: Disciplinary

What’s your favorite thing about being an honors student?:
My favorite thing about being an Honors student is having the opportunity to surround myself with like-minded students that are engaged, and excited about learning. You get to build friendships with your peers, and faculty members, that truly care about their studies and making a positive impact.

What’s your favorite thing about Greensboro?:
My favorite thing about Greensboro is the yummy food! There is an abundant selection of restaurants that offer authentic food from regions all over the world. As someone that loves traveling, learning about cultures and eating delicious food, my itch for adventure and my taste buds are satisfied by all that Greensboro has to offer.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?:
If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Thailand. Thailand is very culturally different from America which is one reason I am pulled to adventure there. Along with exploring the culture, Thailand has an amazing selection of outdoor recreation activities, something I am very passionate about. I have always dreamed of backpacking through the mountains of Thailand, which are rich in their biodiversity as well as historical significance, with ruins dating back to ancient civilizations.

My advice for prospective Honors students is:
My first bit of advice is to simply take a deep breath! You've got this. Your peers, professors, and the UNCG faculty are here to help in any way they can, and everyone wants to see you succeed. Ask for help when you need it, utilize the resources UNCG offers, and have fun! Your college years are going to fly by, so don't forget to enjoy yourself. Again, most importantly, don’t forget to keep taking those deep breaths!