Mission Statement

LIHC Students The mission of Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) is to recruit outstanding undergraduate students to UNCG and to provide them with an enhanced and supportive intellectual and social experience that acculturates them to the life of the mind and helps them to become critical, independent thinkers who are active in the design and pursuit of their own education, globally aware and engaged, and prepared to lead successful and fulfilling professional, civic, and personal lives.

This goal will be accomplished through the active involvement of faculty (noted for their excellence in undergraduate teaching) in:

  • teaching small Honors sections of regular catalog courses, interdisciplinary Honors courses and seminars;
  • guiding and supervising student research;
  • guiding and supervising student international experiences such as study abroad, internships, and service learning; and
  • acculturating students to the life of the mind through intellectual social activities such as cultural events, public lectures, symposia, and colloquia.
  • Build critical oral communication skills using creative modes of learning that incorporate performance, improvisation, and play as part of developing social and emotional intelligence for greater global competency.

Lloyd International Honors College is an independent academic unit with its own budget and with a Dean who reports to the Provost. The Dean works in close cooperation with a faculty University Honors Council to establish and review policies and procedures for Lloyd International Honors College. Consistent with these policies and procedures, subject to UNCG governance requirements, Lloyd International Honors College:

  • disseminates information about Honors requirements, benefits, awards, and LIHC certificate recipients to prospective Honors students and other interested publics through direct communication, university publications, and the news media;
  • admits students to LIHC, maintains records concerning their continued eligibility to belong in LIHC and their progress toward earning Honors certificates, and certifies their LIHC awards and LIHC certificates to the University Registrar;
  • provides special Honors academic advising through LIHC's office by faculty and professional staff;
  • provides advice and coaching for students interested in applying for nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, and other awards;
  • encourages and coordinates the creation and scheduling of Honors sections of regular catalog courses taught by other academic units;
  • develops, schedules, and budgets interdisciplinary Honors courses and seminars taught by faculty from the other academic units;
  • promotes Honors students' involvement in research which culminates in a Senior Honors Project;
  • sponsors Honors residence halls for those Honors students who wish to live there;
  • facilitates communication with the UNCG community among students, faculty, staff, and administration with regard to Honors matters;
  • celebrates the achievements of Honors students at an annual banquet;
  • solicits nominations and chooses among those nominations the winners of UNCG's Student Excellence Award, and celebrates the achievements of those and other exemplary UNCG students at UNCG's annual Student Honors Convocation;
  • arranges special programs and events for the larger University community;
  • participates fully in the activities of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the North Carolina Honors Association;
  • works with the Development Office on programs that lead to private gifts that will support and advance LIHC's mission; and
  • works with the Alumni Affairs Office to foster LIHC alumni interest and loyalty.


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