Student Profiles

Name: Monique' Jones

Major(s)/Minor(s): Kinesiology Major with Sports Medicine Concentration Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration and Dance Minor

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

How did you know the Honors College was right for you?
The Lloyd International Honors College was a significant part of my decision to come to UNCG. I wanted to be in a place that valued and explored diversity and global cultures. As an aspiring health professional, I believe that the better I can understand, appreciate, and relate to people from various walks of life, the better that I can serve them. The Honors College is full of these kinds of enriching experiences.

What has been your favorite Honors experience so far?
My favorite Honors College experience was honors colloquium. I loved honors colloquium because I was able to meet some really amazing people. It also gave me valuable information and connected me with the people that could help me to be successful for the rest of my UNCG career.

What does "Honors" mean to you now that you are here at UNCG?
What does “Honors” mean to you now that you are here at UNCG?: After being a part of the Honors College for 3 years, and serving as both an Honors Ambassador and a Gray Hall Honors Fellow, I can truly say that the Honors College has met and exceeded my expectations. Honors here at UNCG is not about being smarter than the rest of the university, but it is about having the ability to think critically and successfully contribute to the global society.