Graduation With Honors

Students who have completed all requirements for International Honors, Disciplinary Honors, or Full University Honors by graduation shall be recognized at the annual Spring Honors banquet and will have the International Honors designation added to their office transcripts. Graduating Honors students will be assessed a $30 graduation fee.

Applying for graduation

To graduate with International Honors, you must possess a UNCG GPA of 3.30 or higher at graduation, and meet the following requirements:

  • Have taken 13 semester hours of Honors coursework with grades of B (3.0) or higher as follows:
    1. HSS 198: Honors Colloquium I (1 s.h.). To be taken in the student's first academic semester after being admitted to Lloyd International Honors College.
    2. A 100-Level Honors Seminar (3 s. h.) To be taken in the student's first fall semester after being admitted to Lloyd International Honors College.
    3. 9 additional semester hours of Honors coursework.
  • Mastery of a language other than the student's native language at a level associated with 204-level language courses taught at UNCG. Ancient languages and American Sign Language are currently permitted. This requirement may be fulfilled by any combination of coursework, placement tests, and appropriate evidence of mastery through other documentation. Course work completed abroad is permitted.
  • An approved international experience. Students reflect on and share their experience with other UNCG students in the semester following the completion of their international experience. To document this process, students must register for the zero credit course HSS 299: Honors International Experience (graded on a pass/no pass basis) in the semester in which they engage in the above work.

Courses used to satisfy requirements in the Disciplinary Honors Program cannot be used to satisfy requirements in the International Honors Program.

To graduate with Disciplinary Honors, you must meet the requirements laid out by your major. You are responsible for verifying your department's individual departmental requirements. The default, minimum requirements are:

  • A minimum UNCG GPA of 3.3 in order to be admitted to the Disciplinary Honors Program,
  • UNCG GPA of 3.3 or higher at graduation,
  • At least 12 semester hours of Honors courses with grades of B (3.0) or higher as follows:
    • 6-9 semester hours of Honors course work in the major,
    • 0-3 semester hours of other Honors courses, and
    • 3 semester hours in the form of HSS 490: Senior Honors Project.

Students who complete both the Disciplinary Honors Program and the International Honors Program are awarded Full University Honors for their sustained Honors work throughout their time as undergraduate students.