Departmental Disciplinary Honors Liaisons

Honors Liaisons

Honors Liaisons at the LIHC Honors Liaisons serve as the link between UNCG's various majors and programs and Lloyd International Honors College. With their help, Lloyd International Honors College is able to provide every student with a resource person familiar with both the major or program and Lloyd International Honors College. Faculty with questions about Honors at UNCG are encouraged to talk to their departmental Honors Liaison, and faculty interested in serving as a Liaison should talk to their department head.

Liaisons are invited to meet with the Dean of Lloyd International Honors College to talk about the latest developments in the College and to share any ideas or concerns of particular interest to the Liaisons. Liaisons are kept informed of upcoming Honors activities through the Honors Listserv as well as other means, and are provided periodically with a list of Honors students in their programs. Liaisons are asked to support current Honors students in their programs and to help facilitate arrangements with independent studies, Honors Contract Courses, and Senior Honors Projects that an Honors student may need to complete Honors work in the Liaison's program. Liaisons are also asked to encourage outstanding students in their programs who are not members of Lloyd International Honors College to consider joining.

Honors Departmental Liaisons

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