International Experience Guidelines

All Honors-approved international experiences should be developed with and approved by the International Programs Center (IPC). In addition, faculty planning to create short-term international experiences with Honors approval should keep the following characteristics of approved international experiences in mind when designing the trip:

  • Sufficient intellectual content so that students engage in critical and reflective thinking before, during, and after the time that they are engaged in cultures different from the cultures that they grew up in. The level of intellectual content should be equivalent to at least 6 semester hours of academic credit and should include ethnographic study of the cultures in which they are immersed.
  • A level of immersion in a culture other their own that gives students culturally transforming experiences. (Those experiences should result in students going beyond culture shock and coming to terms with cultures different from the ones that they grew up in.)
  • A transnational character that adds to the cross-cultural nature of the experience almost always requiring the student to travel and spend significant time beyond U.S. borders.

International Programs Center (IPC) contact: www.uncg.edu/ipg