Future Students

Congratulations on your hard work! The Honors College has two academic programs to choose from to fit your graduation plans.

Because Early College and Middle College students have already earned an Associate’s in Arts degree (AA) or an Associate’s in Science degree (AS), we strongly encourage them to consider applying to the Disciplinary Honors Program. Why? The Honors courses you are required to take as an International Honors student (the program to which most incoming first-year students apply) are designed to replace general education courses (GEC) courses for International Honors students, thereby counting as both Honors credits AND general education credits. As students who likely already have an AA or an AS, most Early College and Middle College students are not required to take general education courses, and so these Honors courses will count only for Honors credit and will constitute an additional 13 credit hours of work outside your major.

However, if you choose to pursue Disciplinary Honors, you will take Honors courses in your major. Disciplinary Honors is its own unique track within the Honors College that allows student to complete Honors coursework in their majors, culminating with a Senior Honors Thesis directed by a faculty mentor. Your courses in Disciplinary Honors will also meet your major requirements. Honors students also have access to special benefits: priority registration, eligibility for Honors housing, access to Honors advising, eligibility for Honors scholarships, and a wealth of programming and events designed for Honors students.

If you are also considering applying for UNCG in 3, then Disciplinary Honors is also the best option for you. Visit the Disciplinary Honors Admissions page for more information about when you can apply!

If you are an Early College or Middle College student who is not on a strict timeline to graduation and if you are interested in joining the Honors College community as a first-year student, you may apply for International Honors while applying to UNCG. Featuring small, liberal-arts based courses and focusing on building an intercultural worldview, this program is ideal for the curious and adventurous student looking to grow in an outstanding developmental environment.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must have:

  • a minimum 1270 Math + Evidence-Based Reading and Writing SAT score, OR
  • a 26 ACT score, OR
  • a 3.8 (weighted) high school GPA.
Visit the International Honors Program Admissions page for information about applying to join the International Honors Program in the Fall semester.

Unsure of which path to take? Please contact us at askhonors@uncg.edu. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!