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Global Honors Experiences

Global Honors allows students to explore and develop both inside and outside the classroom. Approved Global Honors Experiences allow students to customize their Honors College experience and create their own unique pathway through Honors.

The table below lists some common Global Honors Experiences and the point value attached to each. Global Honors students are required to accumulate at least 100 points during their time in Honors. Students may request an experience not listed in the table below be added as an approved Global Honors Experience via an online form. Proposals are reviewed once per semester by the Honors Council.

Each Global Honors Experience must be reviewed by the Honors College for completion. Students must submit their Global Honors Experience in the semester in which it was completed for review in the Global Honors Canvas Organization. Failure to submit the review form by the semester deadline will result in a forfeiture of those points. Students may review the status of their Global Honors Experiences and their progress toward completion in the Global Honors Canvas Organization.

Approved Global Honors Experiences

Each experience listed in the table below may be repeated for additional points. For example, a student may take SPA 203 for 25 points and also take SPA 204 for an additional 25 points, giving the student 50 points total for those two experiences.

Point Value      Approved Global Honors Experiences
  • Undergraduate Research Experience (per semester)
    • HSS 490 and XXX 493 or its equivalent cannot be used to satisfy both Disciplinary Honors and Global Honors requirements
    • Semester long research projects that do not satisfy Disciplinary Honors requirements may be used to satisfy Global Honors Experiences requirements. Ex. Undergraduate Research Assistantship
    • Students will be required to have their participation in Undergraduate Research confirmed by URSCO and/or the faculty person they worked with when they submit their Global Honors Experiences Form which is available via the Global Honors Canvas Organization