Honors College Lecture Series

Each year, the Honors College invites faculty and members of the community to share their experiences and expertise with the university community to help build and strengthen a community of intellectual engagement.

Current Lecture Series Events


Past Lecture Series Events

Rhiannon Giddens, Francesco Turrisi, and Omar Ali; “Bilal’s Songs: Mixing and Remixing the African-Diaspora and the Islamic World ”
September 10, 2018, 6-8 PM, EUC Auditorium          Dr. Omar Ali - Dean, Lloyd International Honors College and Professor African-American and African Diaspora Studies; “Emeritus Society: Africa and Islam in World History” September 17, 9:30-11:30AM Christ United Methodist Church          Dr. Leonora Fulani - “Growing Up Poor and Black in America: The Impact of the 60s from the Vantage Point of an Intellectual and Community Organizer” October 24, 2018, 6-7:30 PM EUC Auditorium

Dr. Jill Bender. Associate Professor, Department of History, and Rebecca A. Lloyd Residential Fellow, UNCG. “The ‘Marriage Force’ and ‘Bride Ships’: Irish female migration in the mid-nineteenth-century British Empire” March 22, 2018 5-6 P.M. North Spencer Parlor          Dr. Angela Bolte. Assistant Dean, Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG. “Help Me Honors College. You're My Only Hope!: Crowd-Sourcing a Class in the Philosophy of SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror” April 5, 2018 5-6 P.M. North Spencer Parlor

Dr. Nodia Mena; Lecturer, Spanish in the Languages, Literature, and Culture Department, UNCG; “Garifunas in the African Diaspora”; September 11, 2017 5-6 p.m. South Spencer Parlor          Dr. Rebecca Muich; Assistant Dean, Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG; “Amazons, Queens, Wives, Mothers: Ancient Warrior Women”; October 19, 2017 5-6 p.m. South Spencer Parlor          Babette Shaw; Lecturer, School of Art, UNCG; “The Hegemonic Gaze: Unpacking Gender and Race Constructions and their Intersections”; November 2, 2017 5-6 p.m. South Spencer Parlor

Dr. Sylviane Diouf; Curator, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York City Public Library; Muslim Africans in the Americas; September 20, 2016; 11:00-12:15          Dr. Omar H. Ali; Professor and Interim Dean; Lloyd International Honors College, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Malik Ambar: Power and Slavery Across the Indian Ocean; October 4, 2016; 6-7 pm          Dr. Amélia Polónia da Silva; Associate Professor, Faculdade de Letras, Universidad de Porto, Portugal; Transcultural and Multiconfessional Connections in the First Global Age; November 16, 2016; 4-5 pm