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Honors Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship?

To be eligible for an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship, you must have at least a 3.8 weighted high school GPA or a 1270 Math + Evidence Based Reading and Writing SAT score or a 26 ACT score.  Reynolds Scholarships have the added requirement of North Carolina residency. Scholarships are only awarded to incoming first-year students.

How do I apply for an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship?

Honors Scholars Program Scholarships are awarded by Lloyd International Honors College. If a student meets the eligibility criteria, they will be invited to apply to the Global Honors Program in Lloyd International Honors College through their Student Portal once they have begun their application to UNCG. The Honors College application requires students to upload a detailed résumé and an essay. Prospective Scholars will be evaluated based on several factors: high school GPA, test scores, evidence of leadership, community service, engagement in extracurricular endeavors, and writing ability. Careful preparation of the résumé and essay is encouraged. There is no additional application beyond the Honors College application.

Do I need to apply to the Honors College to win an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship?

Yes. These scholarships are housed in the Honors College and awarded to accepted Honors College applicants.

What are the amounts of the Honors Scholars Program Scholarships?  Are they full scholarships?

Each Honors Scholars Program Scholarship is merit-based and is renewable for eight consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment at UNC Greensboro.  Each scholarship is meant to support a diverse body of students who are dedicated to academic achievement and community engagement.

  • Katharine Smith Reynolds Scholarship
    • total award: $37,000
    • for North Carolina residents
    • $4,000 each semester for eight consecutive semesters
    • additional stipends: $2,500 for study abroad; $1,250 for an internship; $1,250 for a community service project
  • Class of ’55 Scholarship
    • total award: $35,750
    • $4,000 each semester for eight consecutive semesters
    • additional stipends: $2,500 for study abroad; $1,250 for an internship
  • Sloan Endowed Scholarship
    • total award: full cost of attendance minus the Pell grant and state grants
    • for Pell-eligible applicants
    • additional stipends for study abroad, an internship, and community service project
  • Barbara C. Carter and Hal B. Phillips, Jr. Scholarship
    • total award: full cost of attendance
    • for students majoring in math, physical or biological sciences, with preference given to applicants interested in teaching these subjects in secondary schools
  • Brad and Kim Hayes Annual Merit Scholarship in the Honors College
    • total award: $40,000
    • $5,000 each semester for eight consecutive semesters
  • Esther Koonce Lamy and Mary Rebecca Lamy Merit Scholarship
    • total award: in-state tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies
    • for North Carolina residents who identify as female and who are interested in fields other than nursing and education

You can review the costs associated with tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans at the Spartan Central website.

Will I be eligible for other scholarships besides the Honors Scholars Program Scholarships?

Yes! Students who apply to UNCG by the Dec. 1 UNCG priority deadline are also considered for the Blue and Gold Scholarships offered by UNCG. For more information on those scholarships, and other awards available to incoming UNCG students, please visit the Admissions Scholarships page. Once a student wins an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship and commits to UNCG, she or he will also be eligible for scholarships available to current UNCG students.

What are the requirements for keeping the Honors Scholars Program Scholarships?

Scholars must maintain a 3.0 GPA to retain the scholarship. GPAs are reviewed at the end of each academic year.

Do I have to live on campus to win an Honors Scholars Program Scholarship?

No! You are not required to live on campus at any point in your time at UNCG to win or retain your scholarship, though we do ask that if you do choose to live on campus, you live in our Honors Residence Hall in North and South Spencer.

How and when will I get my stipends for study abroad, community service, and internships?

Scholars will work with their Scholarship Coordinator to fill out the necessary paperwork for fund disbursement. Scholars will receive their study abroad stipends before they depart for their trip; they will receive their internship and community service stipends after they have completed the projects.

What kinds of students win the Honors Scholars Program Scholarships?

There is no typical Scholar. Scholars major in programs from every academic unit on campus, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Bryan School of Economics, the School of Education, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health and Human Sciences. Scholars have studied abroad in Spain, China, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, England, and more. Both scholarships are open to students with any area of interest, and we take pride in the great variety of experiences and accomplishments Scholars achieve while pursuing their degrees.

Do the Scholars have a community on campus?

Scholars come together several times a semester for excursions around Greensboro, workshops, internship and community service opportunities, socials, and more.

Will I take classes with other Scholars?

There is no one course dedicated to either scholarship, but as members of Lloyd International Honors College, it is likely that Scholars will take classes together at some point during their time at UNCG.