Frances Barnett

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Frances Barnett

Frances Barnett

Honors Program: International Honors

Major(s)/Minor(s): BFA Drama: Theatre Education

Hometown: Asheville, NC

How did you know the Honors College was right for you?
I was immediately enamored with the focus on improvisation and play. The Honors College weaves the idea of playing, experimenting, and exploring into everything it does. The community is open to making change, listening, and meeting you where you are. Using the principles of “Yes, and…”, the Honors College community helps each other and builds together.


What has been your favorite Honors experience so far?
I was able to go to New York City with UNCG Honors Ambassadors and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. We spent a full day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I fell in love. The MET is candyland for museum nerds like me. Every corner was full of fascinating art and interesting studies of American culture. The students and faculty opened a dialogue about our relationships with museums, appropriation, and how art represents our cultural scene and history.


What does “Honors” mean to you now that you are here at UNCG?

The Honors College is a community committed to exploring the world together. The students and faculty in the Honors College support each other. There is always an opportunity to engage with our environment in a new way. Honors means collaboration, inclusion, and exploration.