Janasia Clark

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Janasia Clark

Janasia Clark

Honors Program: Full University Honors

Major(s)/Minor(s): Interior Architecture major with a minor in Communication Studies

Hometown: Greenville, NC

How did you know the Honors College was right for you?
I knew that the Honors College was right for me once I saw the amount of opportunities that were placed in front of me, and the support system around me. I could tell that being a part of the Honors College would challenge me more than I’ve ever been before, and as a 4th year student, I can say that that has proven true. Though every challenge has helped me improve as an individual and as a member of my community.


What has been your favorite Honors experience so far?
My favorite Honors experience has been the Honors classes. I’ve been able to step outside of my comfort zone by taking classes that are outside of my major and typical interests. Being in these classes have provided me with an extensive amount of knowledge and perspectives that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.


What does “Honors” mean to you now that you are here at UNCG?

“Honors” to me has several definitions. But the main one that I’d have to say is community; the Honors program serves as an essential part of campus life here at UNCG. And that is because its foundation is built on the principals of having a strong, close-knit community of scholars that are high achieving and want similar things in life.