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Welcome from the Honors Dean

There is power in play (trying things out, performing in new ways, being philosophical). No wonder our motto  is Ludite, Explorate, Perficite (Play, Experiment, Perform).

In these  ways, at the heart of what we do in the Honors College is help you create new possibilities. We do this by cultivating kindness, curiosity, and academic excellence by practicing “Yes, and…”—the simple yet powerful activity of (1) paying attention, (2) acknowledging what others have said or done, and (3) creatively building on whatever others offer—big or small.

Through “Yes, and” we co-create learning environments in and out of the classroom where all involved might be able to stretch and grow intellectually, artistically, socially, and otherwise. The result is an ever-expanding, inclusive community of thoughtful and engaged artists, humanists, and scientists.

Join us in what is the best of a liberal arts education in a highly-diverse and inclusive public research university.

Welcome to Lloyd International Honors College!


Omar H. Ali, Ph.D.
Dean & Professor