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Pubantz Artist in Residence Program

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Pubantz and Ali

Dr. Jerry Pubantz, founding Dean of Lloyd International Honors College, is honored by current Honors College Dean, Dr. Omar Ali.


The Pubantz Artist in Residence (AIR) Program, named for the Founding Dean of Lloyd International Honors College, Dr. Jerry Pubantz, who was instrumental in the creation of this program, promotes creativity and fosters artistic development within the Honors College community. This program encourages Honors College students with a preexisting passion for the arts to explore and develop their creative vision over a full academic year. It concludes with a showcase of the students’ work. Being an artist in residence gives students of all disciplines an opportunity to engage in the arts in a rich and substantive way through the Honors College in collaboration with the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The Pubantz Artist in Residence Program is a manifestation of Lloyd International Honors College as something more than an academic institution. LIHC is a community of dynamic, curious, and engaged individuals. AIR cultivates creativity, an individual sense of ownership, and pride in the work achieved, and strengthens the community of creative thinkers within the Honors College.

Selection of artists: Applicants must be members of Lloyd International Honors College in good standing. All artistic media in the visual, written, and performing arts are eligible for funding. The best outcomes of the Artist in Residence Program come from students who already have a specific project in mind and allow it to grow and transform through their time in the residency.

Four students

Nicholas Smurthwaite, Kathryn Murphy, Sharneisha Joyner, and Honora Ankong, Artists in Residence in 2018-19

Examples of projects might include:

  • Creating an original choreographic work
  • Composing a piece of music for instruments or voice
  • Writing a short story or set of stories
  • Writing a series of poetry
  • Producing a photo essay or other photographic project
  • Designing a fashion collection
  • Writing a script or play
  • Designing and creating a piece of furniture
  • Completing a painting or set of paintings, a sculpture, or other similar works of art

The ideal participant possesses a creative vision, wants to find new ways to refine his or her artistry, has a history of preparation and work within an artistic field, and has an interest in collaborating with other students through discussion of ideas and experiences. The competitive applicant also understands the responsibilities and level of commitment involved when accepting the opportunity and funds associated with the program. The program encourages interdisciplinary collaboration by providing an opportunity for students involved in various academic disciplines to engage with the arts and realize skills perhaps outside of their primary vocational and academic interests.

The application for the Pubantz Artist in Residence Program will open in early spring with the winning artists announced by the end of spring semester. Winning artists will then work on their project in the following academic year, starting in the fall semester and concluding in the spring.

  • Applicants must select a project mentor. Mentors may be UNCG faculty or staff only.
  • The mentor must submit a letter of support online that includes a proposed schedule of meetings for Fall and Spring semesters.

Artist in Residence projects may be submitted for the Senior Honors Project. Senior Honors Projects that are also AIR projects must go through the standard Disciplinary Honors submission and approval process.

Based on the quality of the proposals submitted, up to ten projects are selected annually and given funding (a stipend of $400 to the student, $200 in professional development funds to the faculty mentor, and up to $150 for supplies.) to create a body of work. By accepting funding from the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office, students agree to complete their work in accordance with the stipulations, expectations and deadlines of the program, and URSCO guidelines.

During the year, AIR participants participate in group meetings held two or three times a semester. These meetings allow the artists to share their work-in-progress and their challenges with each other. The AIR Program will conclude each year with a cumulative spring exhibit/showcase in association with URSCO’s Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo and an Honors College Artist in Residence Showcase.

If you have questions about the application or general questions about a potential project, please contact Dr. Angela Bolte at