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Why Honors?

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Lloyd International Honors College offers three outstanding Honors programs, Global Honors, International Honors, and Disciplinary Honors, for curious, thoughtful, adventurous students who want to learn more about the world and their place in it. As a national leader in the cutting-edge pedagogy of developmental learning, the Honors College infuses its courses and programs with principles of performance, improvisation, and play, teaching the skills that will help you thrive in any situation. And most importantly, the Honors College is here for YOU: with dedicated staff and faculty eager to support your development from your first semester to graduation, you’ll find yourself growing in unexpected ways. The Honors College has a program for you no matter where you are in your educational journey.

Students joining the Lloyd International Honors College through the Global Honors Program, International Honors Program, or the Disciplinary Honors Program receive special benefits.


Graduating Honors students are recognized at the annual Honors Graduation Ceremony, which takes place every spring. An Honors student’s official University transcript includes a mark of merit and, for those who have completed Disciplinary Honors, the title of their Senior Honors Project. This official recognition grants students a competitive edge in applying for graduate or professional school and signals to prospective employers the graduate’s interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills.

Honors Priority Registration

All Honors College students have the benefit of registering prior to non-Honors students of similar academic rank (by credit hours). In addition, seats in 100-level Honors classes are held for only our incoming Global Honors freshman class.

Honors Scholarships

The Honors College awards the Katherine Smith Reynolds Scholarship, Lena Anne Gordon Scholarship, and several others to incoming first-year students. Current students may be eligible for the Lichtin Family Scholarship, the Scurry Family Scholarship, the Joe and Jeannie Daniels Felts Scholarship, the Fran and Glenn Ross Scholarship, or the Nunn Family Scholarship. View all Scholarships.


Lloyd International Honors College includes four Honors Residential Colleges for incoming first-year students and a select number of continuing students.  The Honors College also includes Gray Hall, a suite-style residence on the Historic Quad for upperclassmen in the Honors College.  These environments allow students to integrate their academic and social life, and in doing so challenge and support them as they grow as scholars, citizens, and human beings. Please visit our Housing page for more information!

Honors Programming, Events, and Leadership Opportunities

The Honors College provides ample opportunities for student development and engagement outside the classroom throughout the academic year. The Honors College schedules a full slate of programs that address academic interests, developmental needs, and recognition of excellence. The Honors College also offers students several opportunities to grow as leaders throughout their time at UNCG.