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International Honors

International Honors

Lloyd International Honors College accepted its final cohort of International Honors students in Fall 2022.  International Honors is characterized by a focus on building intercultural competencies by taking unique and enhanced general education courses, gaining proficiency in a second language, an approved international experience, and practice in building improvisation, play, and performance skills.

International Honors Requirements

To complete International Honors, students must complete the following requirements:

  • 13 credit hours of Honors courses
    • 1-credit hour Honors Colloquium
    • 4 3-credit hour Honors academic courses, including Honors seminars, Honors sections, and Honors embedded sections
    • students must pass all academic Honors courses with a B or better for the course to count for Honors credit
  • proficiency in a second language
    • If starting at UNCG, this is four semesters of a foreign language, from 101-204
    • Students may take a placement exam for the languages offered at UNCG
    • Students may transfer language credit hours from other institutions or through AP, IB, dual enrollment, or other pre-college courses
    • Students may also demonstrate proficiency in another language not offered at UNCG
  • an approved International Experience
  • A 3.3 GPA upon graduation

Benefits of International Honors

International Honors students are full members of the Honors College and are eligible for the following opportunities and benefits, including:

  • Priority registration
  • Honors housing
  • Eligibility for Honors College scholarships
  • Access to all Honors College courses
  • Honors advising
  • Access to Honors College programming, including the Annual Undergraduate Honors Symposium, Monday Play!, Food for Thought, and more
  • Cords for graduation, and recognition at our annual Honors Banquet
  • Honors designation on your transcript

Graduating with Honors

Graduation with International Honors

Students who have completed all requirements for International Honors by graduation will be recognized at the annual Spring Honors banquet or Fall Cording Ceremony and will have the International Honors designation added to their official transcripts. Graduating Honors students will be assessed a $30 graduation fee.

Graduation with Full University Honors

Students who complete both the International Honors Program and the Disciplinary Honors Program are awarded Full University Honors for their sustained Honors work throughout their time as undergraduate students.