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Leadership and Publishing Opportunities

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Honors Ambassadors assist with both on- and off-campus recruiting events. They help by meeting with prospective students and their families at events, calling and writing Honors College invitees, hosting visitors to campus, sitting on Honors College panels, and visiting high schools.

Honors Ambassadors also help to enact the mission of the Honors College to acculturate students to the mission of the Honors College, which is to help them to become critical, independent thinkers who are active in the design and pursuit of their own education, globally aware and engaged, and prepared to lead successful and fulfilling professional, civic, and personal lives. Ambassadors aid in the planning and execution of programming that prepares students to create supportive and creative learning environments and to perform in a variety of environments and contexts.

Any freshman, sophomore or junior Global, International, or Disciplinary Honors student may apply to be an Ambassador.

Ambassadors are selected based on their application and an interview. Final selections are made by Honors Advisor, Eric Toler and a committee made up of current Ambassadors. If you have questions about becoming an Honors Ambassador, please contact Eric Toler at ebtoler@uncg.edu.

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Bronze Leadership Challenge: Honors College Cohort

The Office of Leadership and Service Learning (OLSL) offers a comprehensive Leadership Challenge Program that engages students over three series of workshops: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In the first series, the Bronze series, students learn what leadership is and learn about their own leadership strengths and interests. Each semester, the Honors College leads its own cohort of students through the Bronze series. Students who complete the series are recognized with a bronze medallion and a certificate at the end of the academic year. Once students have completed the Bronze series, they can pursue Silver and later Gold. If you are interested in joining the Honors College Cohort for the Bronze series, please contact Eric Toler at ebtoler@uncg.edu.



Y Ddraig Goch: An Interdisciplinary Honors Journal

YDG publishes research articles by students from the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. An Honors student editorial team from Lloyd International Honors College at UNC Greensboro works with a faculty editorial board, which includes faculty from a range of disciplines.

Editor Ms. Jenny Lois Francisco (j_franci@uncg.edu)

Faculty Advisor Dr. Omar Ali (ohali@uncg.edu)


Vol 1 No 1

Vol 1 No 2

Vol 1 No 3

Vol 1 No 4

Note: “Y Ddraig Goch” means “The Red Dragon” in Welsh. The red dragon appears on the Welsh flag and the journal is named in honor of UNC Greensboro alumna Rebecca Lloyd, whose parents were Welsh. They are the namesake of Lloyd International Honors College.