Fernando Cuevas

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Fernando Cuevas

Fernando Cuevas

Honors Program: Full University Honors

Major: Nursing 

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

How did you know the Honors College was right for you?

The Honors College being averred as an intellectually engaged community devoted to fostering critical thinking, social awareness, and strong preparations for professional, civic, and personal pursuits truly settled my decision in applying. In implementing the concepts of performance, play, and improvisation in my academics, I began to explore and develop new strategies to be successful in my studies. The Honors College has provided an abundance of opportunities for me to challenge and hone my skills to strive as a student leader at UNC Greensboro. The Honors College, including the members of the Honors Ensemble, have created a heartfelt community of intellectual students of which I am honored to be a part.

What has been your favorite Honors experience so far?

There are several experiences I can choose from! Most recently, I was given the opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with twelve fellow Honors Ambassadors. During our visit to the MET, I was able to participate in several intellectual discussions in contrast to Weatherspoon Art Museum‘s exhibition Gilded, interpreting the significance of gilding amongst works of art. The experience truly enabled me to explore the significance of art as an expression of self, alongside honing my relationship with fellow Honors Ambassadors.

What does “Honors” mean to you now that you are here at UNCG?

In my time spent at UNC Greensboro, the term “Honors” has symbolized a myriad of things: exploration, intellectuality, experimentation, and much more. However, I’d like to aver the term “Honors” to ultimately signify one thing: community. I have met plenty of individuals through the Honors College who have had open arms, offering support and encouragement whenever needed. The community created by the Honors College has enabled me to create connections, expand my network, and feel welcomed at UNC Greensboro.