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Disciplinary Honors Admissions

Current Students

At the time of application, current UNCG students must have a cumulative UNCG GPA of at least 3.30 – 3.50, depending on their major, in order to be admitted to the Disciplinary Honors Program. Current UNCG students who have not attended a prior college/university may apply to the Disciplinary Honors Program after completing 40 credit hours. If you have less than 40 credit hours completed, you will not be accepted into Disciplinary Honors, but may apply again when you have the necessary hours.

If you are a first year student at UNCG, who has not previously attended another college or university, but you have 40 credit hours completed and have sophomore standing or above, please wait until after you complete your first semester at UNCG with at least a cumulative 3.30 – 3.50 GPA, depending on your major, to apply to Disciplinary Honors.

Transfer Students and Early/Middle College Students

Most students transferring to UNCG with a minimum of 40 credit hours and a cumulative transfer GPA of 3.30 to 3.50, depending on their major, may apply to Disciplinary Honors immediately. A limited number of majors require transfer students to be enrolled at UNCG for a semester and have a cumulative UNCG GPA of at least 3.30 – 3.50, depending on their major, before applying. Students desiring an exception to this requirement are required to meet with the Departmental Liaison for their Major to discuss the program requirements and to receive approval to apply for Disciplinary Honors. Applications will not be processed until confirmation of this advising meeting and approval to apply is provided.

Apply Now

If you have difficulty accessing the online application, please contact the Honors College at askhonors@uncg.edu or 336.334.5538.