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Honors Council

UNCG LogoThe Honors Council is the curriculum committee and policy advisory board for Lloyd International Honors College. In addition, it serves the University as the committee for choosing the winners of the Student Excellence Award. There are up to ten faculty voting members of the Honors Council – the Dean of Lloyd International Honors College, three faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences, two representatives from the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and one representative from each of the University’s other Schools that have undergraduate programs. In addition, a number of University administrators and staff serve as ex officio members. The Honors Council is chaired by the Dean of Lloyd International Honors College.

Current Members:

  • Dr. Omar Ali, Lloyd International Honors College, Dean
  • Dr. Nadja Cech, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Cerise Glenn Manigault, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Prof. Eloise Hassell, Bryan School of Business & Economics
  • Dr. Melody Patterson Zoch, School of Education
  • Dr. Marcia Hale, School of Health & Human Science
  • Dr. Rebecca Kalinoski, School of Nursing
  • Mr. Tim Johnson, Office of Housing and Residence Life
  • Dr. Maria Anastasiou, International Programs Center
  • Dr. Adrienne Craig, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Angela Bolte, Lloyd International Honors College, ex officio