Who to Contact | Lloyd International Honors College


Who to Contact

  • Faculty Inquiries
  • Community & Donor Support
  • Pedagogy & Educational Approach
Dr. Omar Ali, Dean & Professor: ohali@uncg.edu
  • Global Honors Program
  • Honors Colloquium (First-Year Experience)
  • Honors College Scholarships
Dr. Frances Bottenberg, Assistant Dean, Global Honors: f_botten@uncg.edu
  • Disciplinary Honors Program
  • Co-Curricular Programming
  • Honors Residence Hall
Dr. Angela Bolte, Assistant Dean, Disciplinary Honors: akbolte@uncg.edu
  • Coordinator of Data and Student Records¬†
  • Advising for Disciplinary Honors
Eric B. Toler, Senior Academic Adviser, Coordinator of Student Records: ebtoler@uncg.edu
  • Executive Assistant to the Dean
  • Budget & Personnel
Linda Dunston-Stacey, Budget & Operations Manager: lrdunsto@uncg.edu
  • Prestigious Fellowships & Scholarships
Dr. Frances Bottenberg & Dr. Angela Bolte: f_botten@uncg.edu & akbolte@uncg.edu