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Scholars Program

Scholars Program

Meet our Class of 2025 Scholars! Top row, L-R: Coleman Carter, Amelia Hanson, Will Story (Class of 2024), Jia Emaus, Brandon Ngwa, Hana Ishige, Mayar Eldeeb, Stephanie Fisher-Huynh, Frances Barnett, Jayson Flores-Rivera, Emre Tekmen, Emi Curia Bottom row, L-R: Abigail Napier, El Nealson (Class of 2024), Natalia Fagundez, Spencer Credle Not pictured: Asia Stone, Mackenzie Rippey

UNCG’s Lloyd International Honors College awards both the prestigious Katharine Smith Reynolds Scholarship, the distinguished Class of ‘55 Scholarship, and the new Sloan and Hayes Scholarships. All scholarships work together to foster a community of scholars who strive to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Scholars are selected on the basis of superior academic achievement and potential evidence of moral force of character, qualities of leadership and interest in others, and motivation toward useful purposes in life.

Scholars participate in programming coordinated through Lloyd International Honors College to build community, plan and execute their service and internship experiences, and develop plans for a rounded and meaningful undergraduate experience. Scholars receive one-on-one mentoring with Assistant Dean Dr. Muich, a personalized developmental plan, access to various workshops covering a wide variety of topics, free tickets to UNCG Theatre shows, and so much more!

Qualities of a Successful Reynolds or Class of ‘55 Scholar

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • A record of academic achievement
  • Good work ethic
  • Interest in leadership
  • Community involvement
  • Motivation and drive
  • Engagement
  • Passion


Students who win a Reynolds Scholarship, Class of ‘55 Scholarship, Sloan Scholarship, or Hayes Scholarship join a community of engaged and curious scholars. In addition to $8,000 per year for tuition and additional costs, the Reynolds Scholarship provides a $2,500 stipend for a study abroad experience, a $1,250 stipend for a community service experience, and a $1,250 stipend for an internship experience; the Class of ‘55 Scholarship provides a $2,500 stipend for a study abroad experience and a $1,250 stipend for an internship experience in addition to $8,000 per year for tuition and additional costs. The Sloan and Hayes Scholarships similarly provide funding for additional experiences.  Scholars may work with the Scholarship Coordinator to find the opportunities that are best suited to their interests and provide the most opportunities for growth. Students who have already used one of their stipends share their experiences:

“My career goal overall is the same trajectory as it was at the very beginning of this internship experience, but I see more variety and growth from it … I plan on using the exposure and realizations I had here to benefit my educational plans and motivate me to continue my schooling beyond even a masters degree. I also can’t wait to look more into the different areas I can apply my degree(s) towards.” — Charlotte Kohn (Internship: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Crime Scene Investigation Unit)

“One of the things that surprised me most … was how interested Mr. Kolosieke [the CFO of Habitat for Humanity Greater Greensboro] was in what I wanted to get out of this experience. It was encouraging to know that although I would ultimately be working for free, Mr. Kolosieke and the rest of the staff would try their best to make sure I was learning valuable skills, and adding to my professional development.” — Jordan Lopez (Community Service: Habitat for Humanity Greater Greensboro)